This article is all about the best cheap keyboard piano in 2020. Here you will find the best keyboard piano according to the affordability and requirements of your need. But firstly, let’s look at what a keyboard piano is and what are the different factors that should be kept in mind while thinking about purchasing a keyboard piano.

Piano or Keyboard

Before moving onto the list of best cheap keyboard piano, let’s review them. A keyboard piano or a keyboard is a lot different from a piano. Therefore some of the differences between these two can be understood by getting to know what these individuals are and what their characteristics which are as follows are:


A piano has 88 keys that give the full range of notes. The keys are weighted, which means that it makes you feel like you are playing an acoustic piano, which is one of those big beautiful instruments played by a pianist in a concert. There are two basic categories of the piano.

Digital Piano
  • A digital piano looks much like an acoustic piano, but it is more affordable.
  • It will typically take pride of place in the home.
  • It has inbuilt speakers and three pedals for students doing braiding, such as exams; a digital piano is the approved choice.
Stage Piano
  • A stage piano, as the name suggests, is more portable than a digital piano and will typically have a solitaire sustain pedals.
  • It can also be connected to an amplifier or sound system, and it is useful for live playing’s, such as in a band.

There is a large variety of models available, suiting players from students to the professionals. It is also worth knowing that digital pianos come with computer connectivity, offering a world of fun, new sounds, and learning possibilities.


A keyboard comes in the category of best cheap keyboard piano. It has 61 keys making it shorter than a piano. The keys are touch-sensitive rather than weighted like a real piano. Keyboards have a variety of looks, sounds, rhythms, connectivity to computers, and more. This can make music a lot of fun for a beginner of any age. In either case, the tricks are getting it right is to try a wide selection of instruments.

Piano Keyboard

Before moving onto the best cheap keyboard piano, have a look at some minute details of keyboard piano. The term “Piano Keyboard” is referred to as the keyboard area covered by the keys and played on a musical instrument. The keyboard refers to the piano keys which are used to create or play music.

In the case of a piano, the keyboard consists of black keys and white keys. The black and white keys appear beside each other. And the combination of both of these keys is used to create or play beautiful music. A piano keyboard sometimes also has the mentioned key names on it, like a computer keyboard embedded in it.

What to Choose

There are a lot of factors which are needed to be considered while making any decision about purchasing as the options can be confusing. If you are an apprentice in this domain, then even the terminologies can confuse you. But just calm down, all you need is some learning in this domain, and everything will become familiar to you in no time. But for the decision, you need to consider what your requirements are before buying an instrument. The following table will help you with this decision


Sound QualityGoodBest
Vibrant AssortmentLow-Medium-HighHigh
Other SoundsVariety of InstrumentsSome Options
HandinessEasy to CarryVery Hard to Move
UpkeepNo RequiredPractically No
Noise CommotionNoNot Much


No one suggests that the piano is affordable. So, fortunately, the keyboard is the best option to choose from. So this is what this article is going to suggest, some good keyboard options which are not going to be heavy on your pocket. We would like to suggest the best dependable piano without being costly. So let’s have a look at the best cheap keyboard piano options available in the market.


Best Cheap Keyboard Piano



Here we are going to compile a computed list of best cheap keyboard piano at affordable prices. There is no need to spent opulence to get good quality sounds. Each of the best cheap keyboard pianos is selected because of their best budget price, built up, best built-in sounds, and amazing specifications. The suggestion is that if you don’t know much about the piano and just wanted to keep it as a hobby, then you should buy a cheaper version at first.

Before making a decision about which keyboard piano should be bought, a lot of research and contemplation is required. Even for a pro pianist, the decision about which one should be bought can be an inconvenience. But that’s not a problem because you are in the right place. We have gathered information after doing a comprehensive research. So a detailed review of the best cheap keyboard piano is as follows:


1. Rock Jam RJ761


Rock Jam RJ88DP



This is the most little keys best cheap piano keyboard. This piano is the mediocre piano keyboard. It is made up of the beginners. The keys presented on this keyboard are 61 semi-weighted. It also has touch sensitivity. It supports 10 exceptional voices representing all types of piano. The sound is projected with the help of two built-in speakers.

The microphone can be directly plugged into this keyboard, and you can perform on the device. It is best for supporting playing keyboards and singing at the same time. The simple piano application can be accessed on this device, and with the help of tutorials on this app, music techniques can be leaned and applied.

This piano keyboard is best for those who just want some fun in music. The direct plugin of a microphone in this device is the best feature of this keyboard. It is also a good option for budding singers and songwriters. Some merits and demerits of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • Its price is very much affordable.
  • It has a microphone input.
  • It supports a piano application.
  • It has no display screen.
  • Its keys are not fully weighted.


2. Alesis Recital Digital Piano


Alesis Recital



The Alesis recital piano is a digital piano that comes up with cheap 88 keys. These 88 keys are the semi-weighted keys. So it keeps a balance between low and high. This keyboard piano also comes with 128-note polyphony. This provides it a wonderful sound giving opportunity.

It comes with two power sources. For direct connectivity, this digital piano comes up with a power adapter. But if you want, you can use it with batteries using 6D cell batteries.

It also comes up with high-quality speakers and adjustable touches. It also gives 5 built-in voices, a headphone output, and another output for connecting an external sound system and a withstand pedal. It also comes up with USB connectivity to use any virtual instrument plugin. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It can also be used with batteries.
  • It makes available 3 months free subscription of piano classes.
  • It comes with USB connectivity and brook pedal.
  • Insensitive keys.
  • No display screen.


3. Yamaha YPG-535


Yamaha YPG-535



The Yamaha YPG-535 is an older version of the keyboard piano, but it is still in demand. It also comes with 88 semi-weighted keys and 3 touch insensitivity levels. It also provides 32 note max polyphony. It is best known for its versatility, which also provides 500 onboard sounds. Along with these sounds, it supports 160 styles and also 30 stipulated songs. It also provides many onboard effects.

The Piano sounds of Yamaha YPG-535 are excellent because they come from AWM stereo sampling. It also has a track record that can record more than 5 songs at a time. There are more than 40 buttons on the panel of this keyboard. The configuration is a little bit tough, so they have also provided a large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. The learning material can also be opened on this LCD for wisdom purposes.

This keyboard doesn’t support fully weighted keys; that’s why it can’t give abundantly piano feels. But it has huge voices, onboard effects, and lightweight keys. So this is easy to carry a keyboard and can fulfill your need at max. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It is tremendously adaptable.
  • It comes up with an education suite.
  • It has a sound recorder built in it.
  • It also includes the keyboard stand.
  • It has partial weighted keys.
  • Its sound quality is not very consistent.


4. Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA


Yamaha PSR



This is the best portable piano. It weighs only 14 pounds, which makes it very easy to carry around. It is the best option for taking piano classes or learning it from a piano instructor. It is the best plug and plays piano because it can be settled up very much easily.

It is different from a standard keyboard of 88 keys because this keyboard consists of 76 keys. The keys of this keyboard are weightless but much of touch-sensitive.

It comes at a very affordable price, but for price negotiation, the music of this piano is a little bit compromised. For downloading and uploading of files, it comes up with USB connectivity. Also that the external speakers can be easily connected to this device, its pedals are not that much justifiable, but overall it’s a very good option to choose. Although this keyboard compromises in its sound, it is best in its price. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It is very portable.
  • It supports a power adapter.
  • It also has touch sensitivity and USB connectivity.
  • Its petals are not sustainable.
  • Its keys are 76, which are not that much weighable.


5. Artesia Performer PE


Artesia Performer PE



This keyboard is the best option to choose if you want to use weighted keys. It has 88 keys on it for music generation. It has spring action keys within it, which is the best option if you don’t like weightless keys. It also comes up with many good instrument voices. It also comes up with 50 preset songs.

It supports newcomers and beginners with helpful exercises, which helps piano players to learn in a fun and exciting way. It has built-in speakers that help in performing on it easily and also helps in-home practice.

It also comes in good transitional instruments that support all types of sounds. It will be the best option which works like a bridge between price and features. Also that it comes in the list of economical keyboards. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It is very portable and easy to use.
  • It is a good option for beginners.
  • Its price is very much low.
  • It doesn’t support screen feature.
  • It has average sound quality.


6. Kawai ES100


Kawai ES100



This keyboard piano is the best option for traveling musicians, and this is because it is very insubstantial, compressed, and mobile. This keyboard has 88 keys in total. It is not made only for expert musicians. It is made for both the knowledgeable and newcomers. It produces sound with the help of 192 notes. It also comes up with a recoding component and piano lessons for the newcomers in this domain.

It is a little bit costly. Something like this, with such features, can also be bought at less price. But the weighted keys in this piano are very much supportive. But because of these keys, the piano weight increases as compared to the other ones. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It has a polyphony of 192 notes.
  • It is simpler and easy to use.
  • It is portable.
  • It lacks in value as compared to others.
  • Its keys weight is a little more.


7. Casio Privia PX-160BK


Casio Privia PX-160BK



This keyboard is the best because it doesn’t make a difference and does not become a tradeoff between price and specifications. There are a total of 88 keys present in this keyboard. The weighted keys of this keyboard give the best appeal to the keyboard. It also comes with an air sound generation facility that provides high-quality sounds.

The Casio Privia pre-installed good-quality speakers; however, external speakers can also be attached to it to increase the performance of sound. It also supports two output ports for connecting output music devices like headphones or hands-free to listen to music in a much quieter environment. It also gives high profile USB connectivity to its users. Moreover, without using any connectivity driver, it can be directly controlled with the help of a computer system. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It has the best unique hammer action.
  • It has a 128 note symphony.
  • It is compatible with Windows and MacBook’s.
  • It’s the weight.
  • Its sustain pedal is not good.


8. Suzuki CTP


Suzuki CTP



It looks approximately like the upright type of piano. It is a very much tech-savvy kind of piano as it provides a lot of greater range of features. It supports the Bluetooth feature for wireless connectivity, recording, and playing music on it. Mobile phones or tablets can also be connected with it to the playlist of music.

It comes up with 88 fully functional weighted keys that are made to get the best like a great piano. It has a very classical furniture stand, which increases its grace when it is put at any place. It is a great piano, regardless of the skill of a person playing it. The only problem is that this piano is much greater in its price range, but not like that, we can say it’s not handy. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • Its design is very much self-appealing and attractive.
  • It has the best wireless connectivity using Bluetooth.
  • It comes with graded keys.
  • It is a bit complex in usage.
  • Its price is higher.


9. Yamaha P-125


Yamaha P125



The Yamaha P-125 is made by keeping in mind the state of the art standards and designing’s of the keyboard piano. It is best in its pricing. It is a digital piano keyboard. It has 88 keys for performing on it. It is the best piano keyboard for communicating and interaction between the user and the device. It has touch screen controllers available at the dashboard of the device for controlling screen and all other configurations.

It also comes with the CF sound technology, which is the best sound technology from Yamaha until now. And because of its polyphony of 192 limitless soundings can be performed on this device easily. It also has the weighted keys which work comparable to the acoustic piano. It works on proper keys pressing technique which makes playing it more simple, easy, and fun. It comes with a lot of other side items like control adapter, tunes stand, tolerate pedal, pew, earphones, a double-X stance, and also a guidelines list in a DVD. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It has a CF sound engine.
  • It has weighted keys & notes polyphony.
  • It provides a greater range of supporting items.
  • It is a bit complex in setting it up.
  • Its worktable and viewpoint are a bit of flimsy.


10. Korg SP280BK


Korg SP280BK



The all-new Korg LP380BK is a good keyboard, but it has the highest price. It comes up with 88 fully weighted and graded keys that are put at this keyboard. It includes built-in sounds for its users to learn and get to know different tones settings. The Korg manufacturers have compromised on the sound quality of this device.

This keyboard looks very much stylish. It is worthy because of the look and feel of what it got. It didn’t sound the same as an acoustic piano, but still, it is a good option to consider. If someone likes to purchase the stylish and cool looking piano, then it’s a good option. It is a high-end keyboard. Some pros and cons of this best cheap keyboard piano are as follows.


  • It has the best appearing attractive design.
  • It has weighted keys & notes polyphony.
  • It provides 30 inbuilt sounds.
  • It is very pricy.
  • Its sound quality is not so good.



This was all about the best cheap keyboard piano. We gathered this list after doing detailed research on all the best cheap keyboard piano by taking into consideration the price, type of keys, quality of sound, and all the features provided by a keyboard piano.

Now that all you have to do is to make a decision about which keyboard should I bought by viewing all the ones mentioned above, and you are good to go for it. All the options displayed above have their own importance in their own. It’s your decision about which feature you want most importantly.

The action of keys of a piano is a factor that comes at an extra price, but it’s also important to feature care is needed in this regard while purchasing a piano. Because sometimes it becomes difficult to find such a piano which is best in keys but affordable in price. The 192 polyphony should, and hammer action should also be included in a must to look list to get the best piano. Therefore hopefully, this article would help you to get a high performing and stylish design best cheap keyboard piano by keeping its budget as low as possible. But all of these are just opinions you have to make a firm decision before going to the market. Once you made your decision, you have just to go, pay, and you can enjoy your best cheap keyboard piano.

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