This article is all about the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars economic price range. Here you will find all the reviews and details about every best gaming keyboard while taking into consideration all of the factors. So at first, let’s discuss what a computer keyboard is, and then we will look upon best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars.

Computer Keyboard

A computer keyboard comes under components of a computer system and a subpart of input devices. It is defined as a set of keys that are used to enter data into a computer system or any other device.

A computer keyboard is composed of striking buttons that create alphabets, numbers, symbols, and special characters. Anything can be written in a combination of all these, and any sentence structure can be made. Let’s discuss a computer keyboard in detail, and then we will see the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars.

A Broader View of Keyboard

Normally a standard computer keyboard consists of 104 keys. These keys are further divided into multiple categories like:

  • Function Keys
  • Control Keys
  • Arrow Keys
  • Numeric Keys
  • Modifier Keys
  • And All Other Alphanumeric Keys

Layouts of keyboard

The Computer Keyboards come in multiple layouts. The layout of the keyboards is according to their keys arrangement. But they can also be categorized according to their size, connector, number, or type of keys arranged. Therefore different layouts of computer keyboards which comes under the category of best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars are:

QWERTY Keyboard

This keyboard is named according to its top letter keys QWERTY. These keys are located at the top left corner of the keyboard. And According to ISO (International Standard Organization), this is now the official standard layout of computer keyboards. The QWERTY keyboard has now become one of the widely used computer keyboards in the US and all other countries.

DVORAK Keyboard

The DVORAK keyboard layout is made to make it easy to type and write. It makes typing or usage of keyboard recurring, debauched, user-friendly, unforced, and fatigue less and thus reducing chances of error during typing.

Chord Keyboard

A chorded keyboard is also known as chorded keyset. It is also the one unique layout or form of computer keyboards. It is called chording because it operates by commanding a computer by pressing several keys together or in a combined sequence. So this resembles like playing with a chord.

Types of Keyboard

There are many different types of computer keyboard which comes in the category of best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars. After discussing the layouts of the keyboard, let’s see what major types of a keyboard are.

Ergonomics Keyboard

The Ergonomics keyboard is very much different in a standard keyboard. Its size, shape, and design are very much different. It is designed likewise to reduce stress and strain caused by continuous typing for hours. This keyboard is designed to reduce RSI (Repetitive Strain Syndrome) and other such typing problems.

Flexible Keyboard

Such types of keyboards are designed for mobile people who are always traveling. They work the same as the standard keyboard but are different in their form. These are Silicon-made keyboards, which is why they are stretchable and durable also that these are dust resistant, water-resistant, shockproof, and do not require cleaning.

Wireless Keyboard

As the name automatically suggests that a wireless keyboard is a keyboard without wires connectivity. So it is connected to the computer system with the help of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) or rottenly Bluetooth. These are easy to set up and have ergonomics design.

Projection Keyboard

The projection keyboard is the coolest keyboard. What it does is that it shows the laser projection of a keyboard on any flat surface. It displays the whole exact keyboard on the surface you like. The format or type of keyboard can also be changed by editing the settings.

Gaming Keyboard

For the best gaming experience, gamers use the best computers along with the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars. It is because gaming keyboards help in improving gaming skills as gaming keyboards are going to be used for longer periods of time, so they are premeditated to provide comfort to gamers and ease them while playing long-lasting games.

These keyboards come up with extra keys to support gamers while gaming. Also that they have extra coatings of paint on the most used gaming keys like ASDW and also the long space bar key, they also have extra gaming switches to support gamers. They also have illuminated keys with them. Also that these keyboards are slightly smaller in size as compared to other keyboards, these keyboards are mostly backlit to support gaming experience in darkness, and they are most robust and can perform most macro functions. This would relax the gamers, and they can continue their gaming tirelessly for a long duration.

So now, let’s discuss the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars in terms of their price, specifications, and ease of use. Therefore the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollar are:

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 Dollar


The best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars can give an idea of the best gaming keyboard to gamers in an ideal price range. Usually, the gaming keyboards are very much loud in their voices, but we have gathered the mediocre ones. A gaming keyboard provides ergonomics, more shortcuts, commands, and cool aesthetics that provides a gaming gear to the gamers. Although the gaming keyboards are costly in their prices, but we have searched and gathered the affordable ones. Therefore the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollar are:

1. SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL Keyboard




Back LightsAvailable on individual keys
Size14.6 x 6.3 x 1.4 inches
Programmable KeysAvailable via Engine Software
Wrist restNo



This all-new gaming keyboard provides crucial in-game notifications made with Aluminum design. They have the best hands-on approach to design. Each tap of this keyboard provides sustaining rattling, but it is not a very quiet keyboard, it’s a bit of noisy keyboard.

It has the best performing mechanical switches that provide existing time light-up notifications. It has per-key lighting technology. Its design is a little bit strange. The keycaps provide a noticeable intellect of height. It has an audio visualizer that synchronizes the lighting of this keyboard according to the music of the game currently played. Its only weak point is that it behaves strangely when doing any other task than gaming.


  • It is reinforced by hypothetically the best conformation software in the corporate.
  • Its Intramural adjustments contend head to head with Crimson.
  • It has In-game illumination announcements for Dissonance messages.
  • It is built from the pulverized up with gamers in concentration.
  • It is built for the toughest environment and inexpensive play.


2. Havit HV KB-390L




Back LightsSingle Color Backlight
Size13.9″ x 5″ x .88  inches
Programmable KeysKailh Blue Switches
Wrist restYes



The Havit HV KB-390L is a gaming keyboard with tough crust and mechanical operations. It uses 87 keys for the best features and accuracy. It has very reliable switches with best reviews all around. It has a clickable switch, which is used for the controlling of sound.

It is very much shrill and compressed in size. It weighs only about 500 grams and about 1 inch thick. This is the reason that this keyboard can fit and used anywhere. And to make it compact and lightweight, this keyboard doesn’t have numeric Numpad keys. It has the best laser engraved keys, LED lighting and lightweight, and compact sizes. But its weak point is that it has only single color light in its keys.


  • It is an 87 distinct key keyboard.
  • It has a detachable USB cable.
  • This keyboard is programmable and comes along with the driver.
  • It also supports N-key rollover.
  • Its service lift is greater than 50 million operations.


3. Cooler Master CK550




Back LightsOn individual keys
Size18.7 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches
Programmable KeysAvailable via software
Wrist restNot available



This is a robust aluminum keyboard that comes up with comparatively less number of keys. The streamlined design makes this keyboard the best for laptop peoples as a portable keyboard, which can be brought anywhere as a mobile device.

This keyboard model of Cooler Master comes with mechanical switches for extra switches to keep the prices affordable. The mechanical switches are one grade less as compared to standard gold keys, but it isn’t that much noticeable.


  • It has RGB lighting per key with multiple lighting modes.
  • It has an attractive aluminum design.
  • It supports sturdy mechanical switches for gaming.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It gives fine-tune macros and good keycap customization.


4. Rose will RK9000V2




InterfaceWired Connectivity
Back LightsBlack, blue, brown or red
Size17.3 x 5.4 x 1.5 inches
Programmable KeysHigh set keys
Wrist restAvailable



This mechanical gaming keyboard goes with macro keys and extra RGB lighting. It provides all the basic functionalities required for gamers. This keyboard is made up of keeping the gamers’ usage and keystrokes in mind. It has laser printed keys embedded in it.

The metallic chassis of this keyboard makes it endure wrath sessions during intense gaming. So in all, it comes up with multiple color cherry MX switches, metallic frames, and the best gaming functionalities. But the negative point is that it doesn’t support backlighting.


  • It is a mechanical keyboard that is very responsive.
  • It has laser inscribed keys.
  • It is connected with braided cable.
  • It has USB and also audio jacks.
  • It is very comfortable to type on it.


5. Razer Ornata Chroma


Razer Ornata Chroma


InterfaceUSB 2.0
Back LightsAvailable on every single key
Size18.2 x 6.7 x 1.3 inches
Programmable KeysHigh set keys
Wrist restAvailable



This Razer Ornata gaming keyboard is an uncluttered tactic to gaming keyboards. This keyboard is equipped with all the amazing features that are must be present in the best gaming keyboard. It has a newly developed membrane design. It is a glossy and built-up looking best gaming keyboard.

It has built-in media controls for controlling the audio and video configurations. It has multiple functional and other additional keys within it. It has a very simple but stylish led light indicator, which helps in indicating that whether you are in gaming mode or any other operational mode. These keys also help in avoiding keypress mistakes. It also has wrist rest made up of leather. This all provides the best comfort and beanbag to help you in gaming and also while doing any other typing tasks. It also comes up with six rubber legs to adjust the height of it according to your comfort.


  • It provides highly customizable RGB illumination with great care for other diplomacies.
  • It’s every sole key, and crucial press can be made-to-order for composite commands.
  • Micha-mechanical adjustments practically sham its mechanical keys.
  • Its keys are esteemed for up to 80 million ticks.


6. Razer Black Widow Ultimate


Razer Blackwidow Ultimate


InterfaceCherry MX Blue
Back LightsOne Colored Light
Size18.5 x 7.2 x 1.5 inches
Programmable Keys5 Additional Keys
Wrist restNot Available



The widow ultimate is a great choice for a mechanical keyboard. And has another new version called “Chroma Version” that comes up with RGB led lighting. It has Cherry MX Blue type of mechanical switches, which help gamers during continuous gaming. Also that they help while typing. It is because of the receptiveness and amazing look and feel of this keyboard.

It has a built-in audio jack and a USB port which help for the direct connectivity of USB devices or audio devices. The Black Widow comes up with two editions. One has all the best features and mechanical keys to support while gaming or typing, and the other comes with the same specifications but led lighting. The lighting version comes with double the pricing as compared with the one without RGB lights. The only negative point is that it is a bit heavy for a standard keyboard.


  • It is a mechanical keyboard that is very responsive.
  • Its keys are laser engraved; that’s why they are very responsive.
  • It has a USB port and also an audio jack.
  • It gives five(5) additional programmable keys.


7. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Ten


HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Ten


Back LightsAvailable on Single Key
Size14.1 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches
Programmable KeysNo
Wrist restAvailable



This keyboard is made for a targeted audience, i.e., Frames Per Second (FPS) gamers. It is the tenkeyless model of the HyperX keyboard. It is made up of efficient design. It doesn’t have any extra useless features in it. It follows the saying, “Simpler is better.” It is an only useful specs keyboard with no non-working feature.

It is comprised of Cherry MX switches. The design of this keyboard is set to low profile to maintain its affordable price. Its design also allows its keys to take space easily and adjust all over. Its USB cord is easy to detach and use anytime when needed. It only comes with red backlighting. Looking at the basic need of gamers, this keyboard can fulfill them easily.


  • Blue or red MX keys accessible.
  • The one and only red lighting provide six(6) modes and five(5) brightness controlling levels.
  • Its anti-ghosting and N-key rollover permits to press numerous keys instantaneously.
  • Its resilient steel frame bids a superior level of permanency.


8. Corsair K70 Lux


Corsair K70 Lux


InterfaceBraided Wire
Back LightsSingle Red Colored
Size19.3 x 17.1 x 7.8 inches
Programmable KeysDedicated Media Controls
Wrist restDetachable Wrist Rest



This is the best top-level gaming keyboard. It also has the same MX mechanical switches as extra keys for gaming. It offers perceptible feedback. It also has a detachable component. Its wrist rest can be detached when not needed. That’s a very much uncommon but great feature in this keyboard.

It provides extra media-controlling keys, a roll-up for volume control, which is also very uncommon because it increases production cost. It only comes with single red-colored light instead of RGB (Red, Green, and Blue). But if colors are very much important for you, then you can move for another model of Corsair with the same features but extra pricing. It is the only keyboard that offers USB pass-through.


  • It provides Blue Cherry MX mechanical switches.
  • It supports Absolute anti-ghosting and NRKO.
  • It includes contented and detachable wrist rest.
  • It has the best dedicated media controls.
  • Its backlight is very much gaudy.


9. Dell Alien ware AW768 Pro


Dell Alienware AW768 Pro


Back LightsSix Zonal Lighting
Size19.6 x 6.8 x 1.4 inches
Programmable KeysAvailable with 15 shortcut keys
Wrist restAvailable



This all-new Alien ware keyboard is best known for its best gaming get-ups and their unique science fiction designing of all the products. This keyboard minimizes the prices while not compromising on its features. It provides Cherry RX brown mechanical switches and additional shortcut keys.

The design is unique and self-appealing. It provides aluminum like the look, but actually, it is made up of hard plastic. It presents like an alien spaceship control center. With all the amazing features, it comes at an affordable price.


  • It bargains 15 enthusiastic command and meaning keys.
  • It makes use of the best-motorized switches in the corporate.
  • Its prodigious enterprise looks impressive, deprived of being kitschy.
  • It can be adjusted into three angles according to the requirements of the gamer.


10. Logitech G512 Carbon


Logitech G512 Carbon


Back LightsYes, Individual Keys
Size18.4 x 7.1 x 1.7 inches
Programmable KeysYes, Available
Wrist restNot Available



This keyboard is for those who want something more than a mechanical keyboard. It is made by keeping in mind the typing style of typists or writers and the gaming genre of gamers. It provides smart key spacing, which is a bit unique feature. It comes with an aluminum frame and rubber legs, which give it a nice look and firm grip even when you hoist this keyboard.

It has no unambiguous key code keys, but the standard keys offer a unique style. Its surface is designed in a way that makes smooth typing very much easier. It also supports RGB lighting for its discrete keys. And this lighting can be customized according to the needs.


  • The light syncing of this RGB keyboard compromises 16.8 million colors.
  • It offers USB authorization through for adding other marginal devices.
  • Its media and lightings can be controlled with the help of function keys.
  • It is made of Aircraft-grade 5052 for a more jagged enterprise.



A gaming keyboard should not just like it provides you the best gaming experience. It has to be an all-rounder. It should be good in its look and feel. It should provide good mechanical keys and all the customizable options required to perform all the typing tasks in an optimized manner. It should be minimalist in its appeal and aesthetically pleasing.

So what we suggest is that you should buy a mechanical gaming keyboard by keeping in mind the comfort of typing and extreme harsh use in gaming instead of its beautiful lighting, which costs higher. Such a keyboard should be chosen, which uses single software to configure every setting and synced up with your system quickly. Therefore after keeping in mind, all these facts choose one best gaming keyboard according to the money you have and the important features you want from the above mentioned list of best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars.

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