This article is a guide or a blog post about what to look for when buying a keyboard. It would basically suggest that what should be kept in mind or taken into consideration when thinking of buying any type of a keyboard.
As we all know that everyone spends a lot of their time on their computer systems or digital devices regardless of which professional domain or profession they belong to. There are also many typing jobs like blog writing, article writing based on a specific niche, online classes, quiz and assignments, homework projects, documents that office boss wants to be typed, and the list goes on and on.

Whenever we start our computer or laptop systems, our hands go straight at the keyboard, and this shows the importance of what are the factors that we should look for when buying a keyboard. The difficult thing about buying a keyboard is that there are many types available in the market with different features, but no need to worry at all.

what to look for when buying a keyboard

This blog will help you find the one that you desired. Therefore the factors or features which comes under keyboard buying guide are as follows:

1- Keyboard Ergonomics


This important feature comes in mind at first when thinking about what to look for when buying a keyboard. By ergonomics, it means different styles, designs, and shapes of a keyboard according to usage. Manufacturers try and make ergonomics keyboards to make it easier for you to do typing jobs and all.

Like some offer thinner keyboards which save our wrists from unnaturally bending while typing. Some make a downside slopped keyboard whose key surface is approximately parallel to the floor, saving you from refrain injuries. The laptop keys are bit soft and light to press, which reduces the difficulty in pressing. Some make curved keyboards, and some split the keyboard into two, which are connected, making typing easier. Some additional ergonomic features include wrist rest and level, which can increase or reduce the height of the keyboard.

2- Keyboard Form Factor

The keyboard form factor is an important feature to look upon when buying a keyboard. This includes keyboards with different sizes, key spaces, keyboard formats, key sizes, and others. The form factor of a keyboard should be chosen according to the shape and spacing of keys required, desk space available, and movability.

Some of the most common form factors of a keyboard that comes under are:

Customary, complete size keyboards. (100% Keyboard)

Ten Keyless Keyboards. (80% Keyboard)

Compacted Keyboards. (60% Keyboard)

Condensed keyboards with Arrow keys. (65-70% Keyboard)

Close Keyboard with Arrow keys and Function keys. (75% Keyboard)

3- Keyboard Switches

The next important factor to look upon is keyboard switches, which also come in what to look for when buying a keyboard. The basic keyboard or electronic switches on the keyboard comes under two categories.


Rubber Switches: It can bear nearly 10 million strokings of keys. It needs to be pressed downwards to activate the key pressing.

Mechanical Switches: It can bear 50 million strokings of keys. It needs to be pressed lightly, and the pressed key is activated.

Mechanical keyboards are very simple and easy to use. They need light pressing of keys, and the key is registered; that’s why they don’t cause any type of stress or hands injury. But due to these many features, it is a bit pricy at its end. There are many types of mechanical switches depending upon the needs of the user. The major two types of mechanical switches are the gaming switches that help gamers in playing games by extra switches and switches for everyday use, which help in typing and performing other data tasks.

But these switches are also a bit noisy. The most common and popular used switches available in the market are the “Cherry Switches.” The Cherry MX switches are further divided into three types which are:

Linear Switch: The pressing of this switch is directly proportional to the force applied to it.

Tactile Switch: A jarring response is given by this switch on every keypress.

Clicky Switch: It gives the sound of a click on its keypress.

Besides these types, the Cherry MX Switch also comes in the discrimination of colors. Anyone can be chosen according to the likeness. Therefore keyboard switches are a must to look for when buying a keyboard.

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4- Keyboard Connection Type

Next on when buying a keyboard comes up with keyboard connectivity or keyboard connection type. There are two types, i.e., wired connectivity or wireless connectivity.


Wired Connectivity

The wired connection is made with the help of a USB cable. A USB cable is a connected end to end with both devices. At one end, the keyboard is connected, and at the other end, the computer or laptop system is connected with the help of USB cable.

Wireless Connectivity

Wirelessly keyboard is connected with Bluetooth or a small USB connector. They use Radio Frequency (RF) technology or else Bluetooth Technology. In the RF technology, the keyboard is connected with a computer or laptop using a small receiver called “USB connector.” In contrast, the Bluetooth keyboard is connected with the system’s built-in Bluetooth or an external USB Bluetooth.

5- Keyboard Portability

Keyboard portability is also an important factor when buying a keyboard. If you are a traveler and like to travel from one place to another, but work is also important for you, then portability is an important factor to consider while buying a keyboard. The portable keyboards are designed in a way that they can be put inside any laptop bag even if slimmest bags easily. The portable keyboards can be used by putting them at any place. The only negative point of portable keyboard is that it doesn’t have numeric keys, also that the keys of this keyboard are smaller than the standard keyboard to keep it compact and smaller with the help of the use of nonstandard layouts.

6- Keyboard Layout

The layout of the keyboard is also important to factor regarding what to look for when buying a keyboard. Most keyboards come up with standard layouts, but some also have a custom layout. The layout of the keyboard depends upon the variation of keys present on the keyboard. Some recently launched keyboards consist of windows and dedicated other keys. Normally the standard keyboards are composed of 104 keys, but variations come in size and format and number of keys. Some basic set of keys included in a normal or standard keyboard are:

  • Character Keys
  • Alphabetic Keys
  • Numeric Keys
  • Punctuation Keys
  • Modifier Keys
  • System Command Keys
  • Editing Keys
  • Navigation Keys
  • Function Keys

7- Keyboard Backlight

keyboard backlight

A keyboard with backlight is also necessary for when buying a keyboard. This helps writing in dark or playing games in the dark. It is the best feature of MacBook laptops. This is the best feature for the article writers or content writers who like typing in the dark at night in a relaxed environment. It also helps in typing without looking at the keyboard.

8- Keyboard Size

The size of a keyboard is important to consider to look for when buying a keyboard. Normally the standard keyboards come in the same size. But some of the keyboards are made compact in size. They are made to be used with tablets so that the tablet and the keyboard can be easily moved to any place whenever wanted. These keyboards lack many hotkeys and media keys to keep them compact and light in weight.

9- Keyboard Compatibility

The compatibility of the keyboard is necessary to be included when buying a keyboard. The keyboard you are looking for must necessarily have to be compatible with your computer system or laptop. If you own a MacBook or any other Apple computer device, then you must buy an apple keyboard to make them compatible with one another. But if you have any other manufacturer’s system, you can go on with any brand of the keyboard according to your desire and need.

10- Keyboard Price

The price of the keyboard is also one important thing to consider in when buying a keyboard. The price of the keyboard is proportional to the features it has. So to moderate the price you must opt for only the feature which is must be included and other features which are not necessary for you should be avoided to keep a balance between price and specifications. The RGB lighting keyboards cost very much higher as compared to the ones with the same features but without backlit lighting. So look for the feature you want, not the design.


So after getting all the points, let’s conclude what to look for when buying a keyboard. Buying a keyboard can be difficult for you if you haven’t got any knowledge, but hopefully, this blog will help you in taking you out of this problem. The choice of your will affect your computing skills. So try to choose wisely. There has always been a tradeoff between price and features or specifications of a keyboard. Therefore what we suggest is to only look for the keyboard which has got the most needed specifications according to your requirements to keep it low profile and low on your budget. So choose a keyboard that fulfills your computing needs and which most suitably favors your typing style.

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