Don’t we all prefer watching a movie inside a movie theater instead of at home? Well, now you can get the same environment at home, but you need to be smart about your choice. We are here to help in any way we can. All you need to do is pay attention, and we’ll help you to select the best 4K projector. We’ve classified them according to their best specifications, keeping your needs and budget in mind, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you’ve ever tried to buy a projector, you already know the list of projectors is very vast. There are a lot of companies making projectors with almost the same specs; therefore, we had to review a lot of projectors to come up with the best 4K projectors for you. Comparing and narrowing it down can be a difficult task, but our team is up to the task. We love to provide you with the best information that you need. To help you find which projector is worth buying, we’ve compiled a list of best 4K projectors below.





1. ViewSonic PX747-4K



This is the world’s First High Brightness 4K Projector with 8.3 million megapixels, 3500 ANSI Lumens, and HDR compatibility. It provides a clear and bright screen in any type of setting. You get to experience the finest details.


  • HDR that makes unrealistic images come back to life.
  • SuperColor technology that provides a wide range of colours in bright as well as dark rooms. The image quality is maintained in all situations.
  • It has a Super Resolution, which causes images to be sharper and more detailed.
  • It has a Color Enhancement that enhances the performance of color gradation.
  • PX747-4K incorporates HDMI 2.0 with HDCP2.2, enabling you to experience true 4K UHD content from devices like streaming boxes and 4K UHD Blu-ray players.
  • Using an integrated 5V/1.5A USB power output, HDMI wireless dongles such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc. can be powered, removing the need for separate power adapters.
  • An unbelievable glass lens is used for high volume light transmission. The focus is maintained as long as the projector is being used.
  • This projector comes with a backlit remote, which makes it easier to use even inside a dark room.
  • The projector automatically turns off when it doesn’t detect a signal, which is a very convenient feature for the users.


2. Optoma UHD50



This 4K projector also comes with 8.3 million on-screen pixels, 2400 lumens of brightness, 500000:1 contrast ratio, as well as amazing detail and picture quality. It is as if the picture comes to life.


  • It is HDR compatible and includes HDR10, which offers incredible color variations.
  • It has the UltraDetail technology which makes adjustments to provide a highly detailed image.
  • Includes a DLP chip system that provides perfect convergence and is very easy to set up.
  • Since the screen size is 140, the image quality is maintained perfectly. All you need to do is sit at some distance to get the best view. Although the screen size of 300 lets you sit anywhere you want in the room, and it affects the image quality as well.
  • Its zoom, vertical lens shift, and keystone correction allow you to set it up anywhere you want in the room, whether it is at a greater or lower height.


3. BenQ TK850



This projector offers a screen size of 120 with 8.3M pixels. It allows you to experience HDR scenes, even in bright environments. It has the ability to perfectly balance 98% Rec.709 color accuracy and 3000lm brightness so you can enjoy anything you want to watch without any care in the world.


  • 0.47 DMD (digital micromirror device), a 4K-optimized lens array, and low dispersion lens coating contribute to providing you the best experience.
  • HDR-PRO Hyper-Realistic Sports provides greater contrast and emphasizes on details for your enjoyment.
  • Due to enhanced tone mapping, the amount of light across the optical system is regulated to provide better details.
  • HDR Adaptive brightness is the unique feature that is found in only BenQ projectors. It enables you to select the ideal brightness from five settings (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2).
  • The projector’s sports picture/sound mode and motion enhancer make you feel like you’re watching the game in the stadium.
  • The vertical lens shift of +10% allows it to adjust in any kind of environment.
  • The 10-watt chambered speaker provides such amazing sound quality that you will enjoy it.
  • It supports up to 15,000 hours of lamp life.
  • It provides a 3D experience with a resolution up to 1920×1080.
  • The image can readily be adjusted due to the 1.3x zoom ratio.


4. Optoma UHD60



This projector provides 3840 x 2160 4K UHD resolution to demonstrate a clear image with an impressive 8.3M pixel image on the screen. High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, along with wide color gamut, provides rich, lively colors. The Optoma UHD60 also offers a vertical lens shift and a 1.6X zoom so that it is easy for you to install.


  • 4K HD Resolution results in amazing and clear picture quality.
  • It uses HDR10 image technology, which can display everything in the REC2020 color space and enables rich black levels, luminous whites, and rich, true color.
  • Another prominent feature is that with UHD60, you can see all 4K pixels even if you’re 10 feet away.
  • It Uses a single DLP chip system as well.
  • It is HDR compatible with HDR10, which provides bold, beautiful pictures.
  • The vertical lens shift of +10% allows it to adjust in any kind of environment.
  • It provides a razor-sharp picture.
  • Uses UltraDetail technology, which allows adjustments to image clarity and sharpness. As a result, a clear, highly detailed image is obtained.
  • Its 1.6x zoom and 1.39 to 2.22 throw ratio with vertical lens shift allow versatile and simple installation of 140 and higher screen sizes.


5. Sony VPL-VW295ES



This projector provides a screen size of 200. Unlike other projectors, this one displays 8.8M pixels across three images simultaneously. These three color channels are what make the content beautiful and admirable. Every detail is provided, but only in a bigger picture. It consists of HDR with adjustable contrast. More detail is provided whilst making lesser noise. The projector offers upscale content as well.


  • Consists of Motionflow, which allows you to see the content clearly. It gives you the feeling that everything is happening right in front of you.
  • It provides separate imagers for red, blue, and green channels.
  • HDR provides a wide contrast range with a higher range of brightness levels and a volume of colors.
  • Due to 1500 lumens of brightness and contrast, a sharp image is generated, even if it is a bright room.
  • Reality Creation 4K up scaler analyzes all pixels and enhances their colors, contrast, and textures.
  • HDR Reference Mode option provides a richer gradation while maintaining HDR in bright sections of the scene.
  • TRILUMINOS Display causes colors to appear more life-like.
  • 4K HDR 60p 10bit compatibility allows you to enjoy gaming or any other content in 4K HDR.
  • 225W mercury lamp allows you to enjoy up to 6000 hours of watch time.
  • It offers a better response time to gamers.
  • Compatibility with a wide lens enables you to use your anamorphic lens to view content in any format you want.


6. BenQ HT3550



This projector also comes with true 4K 8.3 million pixel resolution. It provides more details in a film’s darkest and brightest areas but provides the best viewing experience in dark environments. You can get a beautiful 100 view from just 8.2 feet away. You can install the projector in any light controlled room of your choice. It supports HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) 4K broadcast content.


  • The projector uses the innovative 0.47 single-DMD DLP technology to reduce the stylish, lightweight appearance of the projector for the present lifestyles.
  • 4K-optimized lens eliminates pixel distortion for absolutely breathtaking clarity and fine details that are beautifully outlined.
  • HDR-PRO, followed by HDR10, HLG support, Auto HDR Color Rendition, and Cinema-Optimized technology, offers greater brightness, contrast range, and image optimization.
  • Super-Wide DCI-P3 Color Rivaling Digital Cinemas accurately reproduces authentic film content with broad and specific color accuracy.
  • The 1.3X broad zoom offers a wide range of throw distances to improve versatility in deployment greatly. Without shifting the ceiling cover, you can easily upgrade from Full HD to 4K Projector.
  • It is calibrated for reliable D65 color temperature, gamma, black level, white level, neutral gray, RGB CMY color tracking, hue, saturation, brightness, and performance from various ITU-R Rec. 709/P3/DCI interfaces.
  • Dynamic Black Technology tests a picture’s brightness levels and optimizes light output and contrast.
  • Active Iris provides an ideal contrast by controlling the amount of light.
  • Offers a variety of Preset Picture Modes so that you can choose the one required at the time.


7. Epson Home Cinema 4010



This projector offers 4K PRO-UHD Resolution, 2400 lumens white brightness, 2400 lumens color brightness, and 200,000:1 contrast ratio. It comes with true three-chip Projector Design, 4K Resolution processing, HDR processing, Digital Image processing, outstanding brightness, extreme Color Gamut, Epson Precision lens, and three-axis motorized precision lens.


  • 4K Resolution Processing Technology regulates the three-individual high-definition LCD chips that provide an incredibly detailed 4K experience.
  • Advanced Digital Image processing allows smooth tonal shifts and helps remove banding, blocking, and other artifacts of compression from the final visual output.
  • Complete 10-bit HDR3 Color Processing provides outstanding visual performance by accepting 100 percent HDR source information to reproduce HDR content effectively.
  • 3LCD Technology provides true 3-Chip Projector Design and ensures that every frame shows 100 percent of the RGB color signal.
  • Extreme Color Gamut offers full DCI-P3 color that is 50% wider than REC. 709.
  • It provides no Rainbowing.
  • Outstanding brightness can display 4K content for both color and white brightness at an impressive 2400 lumens (2). This provides a wider output range and excellent HDR output.
  • Epson Precision lens provides zero light leakage, exceptional image quality, and edge to edge focus uniformity.
  • Three-axis motorized precision lens lets you set the zoom, focus, move the lens 47% left or right on the horizontal axis, and 96% up or down on the vertical axis. You can save these settings in one of the ten lens memory presets.


8. Sony VPL-VW695ES



This projector offers full 4K resolution with 4096 x 2160 pixels, 3 SXRD imagers, HDR, Motionflow, 350,000:1 contrast ratio, 1800 lumens brightness, picture position memories, projection lens shift. It is very similar to VPL-VW695ES but offers some enhanced features.


  • The dynamic contrast ratio and advanced Iris make the scenes come to life by providing finer detail, realism, and deep blacks.
  • Picture Position memories remember lens focus, zoom, and shift settings so that you can watch movies quickly in your best-suited format. Five screen formats can be stored at a time.
  • 1800 lumens of brightness help light up the room.
  • SXRD allows narrow pixel pitch for a smooth picture.
  • It makes use of the reflective type panel.
  • HDMI 18 Gbps capability makes smoother expressions of gradations even for 4K HDR 60P contents.
  • Fastest response time between the screen and the controller. Very convenient if you want to play games.
  • Motionflow that provides smooth motion for 4K and HD.
  • Offers +85%/-80% vertical lens shift and +/-31% horizontal lens shift.


9. Kodak Luma 350



This is a portable smart 4K projector that measures 4.4 x 4.4 x 4.4, so it can be easily carried anywhere in the palm of your hand or inside a bag. It provides a vividly clear screen of up to 200 with 350 lumen brightness. This can be called an all in one portable cinema because it contains all the features.


  • You can connect your laptop, gaming console, or any other device to it and enjoy the view.
  • You can use Miracast or DLNA to connect your device and share your screen wirelessly.
  • It has an Android 6.0 and iOS interface, contains built-in Wi-Fi so you can access the internet, download your favorite apps, and enjoy your favorite shows on a large screen.
  • IOS Luma 350 App can be used for Intuitive Wireless Access
  • It is compatible with all smart devices. It offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring, etc.
  • It provides cinema quality video, and you get to enjoy the visual excellence of a theatre.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery provides hours of wireless use or plugin.
  • Intuitive smartphone features and built-in speaker gives easy access without the need for extra equipment.
  • It provides 1080p support as well.
  • It supports USB drives as well.
  • Contains light-up touch controls, manual focus, audio output, and remote control.


10. BenQ TK800



This is BenQ’s second 4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million megapixels, 3000 ANSI lumens brightness, and HDR compatibility. It brings out every detail in video and is a valuable source of enjoyment.


  • HDR10 offers greater brightness, contrast range, and image optimization.
  • It provides five customized picture modes, including Football, Sport, Bright, Vivid TV, and Cinema Mode, that contribute to improving the experience.
  • It has a simple and convenient design.
  • Its auto vertical keystone function automatically adjusts the image to produce a professionally squared image.
  • 1.2X zoom optimizes the available space and has the ability to transform any room into a cinema.
  • Includes Eco mode that extends projector lamp life, reducing the need for lamp replacements and maintenance, resulting in lower overall cost.
  • This projector model contains a 4k color wheel feature that provides a completely balanced high visual brightness (> 3000lm) and life-like colors (> 92% rec. 709) in bright environments.


11. LG HU85LA



LG HU85LA is 4K UHD resolution with 2716x1528x2 pixel shifting projector, 2700 lumens brightness, and Ultra Short Throw design (UST) for easy installation. It brings out every detail in video and is a valuable source of enjoyment.


  • LG HU85LA provide eight picture modes for non-HDR and five picture mode for HDR content.
  • It comes with a dual laser engine having a lamp life of 20,000 hours.
  • It includes wireless connectivity using Miracast and screen sharing for both android and IOS.
  • It allows other media from USB 2.0 and USB C port.
  • It has built-in audio with a pair of speakers, which enable smart control of the projector.
  • It has a remote with a microphone and a gyro sensor.
  • It is more like a smart projector. It has several built-in apps, like Amazon and NETFLIX.
  • It has options to enable some “smooth motion” to allow a good view of sports.
  • It has no zoom lens. Its size ranges from 90” to 120” in diagonal.
  • It supports Google Assistance and Alexa. You can give input using the microphone, which is in remote control of the projector.



The main competition was between the Sony VPL-VW695ES and VPL-VW295ES. Most of their features are similar, but Sony VPL-VW695ES has some better features than the other. These are the only two projectors that provide separate imagers for red, blue, and green channels. Both offer HDR, Reality Creation, 4K lens, and IMAX enhancement. Both offer the same lamp cycle.

But what makes Sony VPL-VW695ES the best is that it offers 1800 lumens of brightness, which are greater than those in VPL-VW295ES. It also offers dynamic contrast and is perfect for gaming as well. And to top it all, it has a larger screen size capacity. Although it is not portable, it can still rightfully be called the best 4K projector in 2020 because of its unbelievably perfect features.

The main objective of this article was to give you the best-detailed review of 4K projectors not only based on picture quality but also by comparing user experience. After all, you’ll be using your new projector for many years. And we want your experience to be of joy not of pain. We want to give you the full information on the projector before you put your time and money on that.

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