How can you choose the best gaming projector?

This is a question that pops up in every person’s head while buying a gaming projector because there are numerous amounts of projectors, and all of them are claiming to be a high-end, “best for everything” projector. We will guide you in choosing the best-suited projector for your setup and environment.

The very first and most important factor is the platform on which you play the game. If you play on a console or a PC, you should narrow your search to a 1080p or 4k projector. Secondly, projectors are vulnerable to light, and it is nearly impossible to use them in a bright area until and unless it has a high luminosity. Your setup will play the most important role in your decision, whether you have a short space or a big gaming room. There are so many factors that should be observed before buying a unique projector that fulfills all your desires and makes your dreams come true. Some of those factors are listed below:


We all know that you feel like a lord while playing on a high-resolution projector, and everything is so smooth and good. Mainly, all projectors are divided by resolution. If you play on a modern 4K enabled console, 4k projectors are the sweet spot for you. Otherwise, 1080p will also be fine.

Refresh Rate:

It is every gamer’s desire to achieve maximum FPS while playing his favorite game. Unfortunately, projectors don’t release any information about the refresh rate, but some projectors are able to achieve 144Hz.

Input Lag:

Input lag is an important factor, but it is mostly ignored by the industry. Input lag means the delay between your input from a mouse or a controller and its output on the screen. The higher the input lag, the more unresponsive feel you’ll get. So, it’s better to get a projector with natural and less input lag. Unfortunately, the graphic industry also doesn’t promote this, so you have to rely on user reviews.

A common myth that lies in the minds of some people is that “short throw projectors are not good.” This is actually not true. So, what is actually meant by “Short throw”?

The short-throw is a ratio between 1 and 0.4, which means that you can have a screen of about 95-100 inches with the projection as little as 3 feet away.

So, if you have a room which is not big enough but still you want to play games on a big screen, a short-throw projector is what you need. On the other hand, if you have a large dimensional room, you don’t need a short-throw projector.





1. Sony VPL-VW675ES




This is a dream projector for many gamers out there. Sony placed all their team efforts and came up with this beautiful piece, from which you can’t expect more. It comes with a clear design that will give your setup a cleaner look. Signing in at 4K, the Sony VPL-VW675ES gives you a massive screen size of 300 inches with a contrast ratio of 350,000:1, meaning ultra-rich colors are balanced by deep black levels to give you more of a natural feeling.


  • This projector has more than four times the resolution of a Full HD, offering you a resolution of (4096 x 2160), which means 8.8M pixels. The output of this resolution gives you a natural and realistic feel. Each and every frame contains so much detail that a human eye can’t feel the difference from any aspect.
  • This projector offers you a 350,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This is the aspect that changes everything coming out of the projector. Each and every scene feels alive and beautiful. Sony combined its powerful video processor with the lens Iris control to achieve all the natural shades of black.
  • With the massive contrast range and brightness, scenes that are produced in High Dynamic Range deliver more clarity and accuracy.
  • This projector is offering you a bulb of 280W, which produces 1800 lumens for high brightness. It generates the brightness required for those ultra-fine detailed pictures on a 300 inches screen. The lifespan of this bulb is 6000 hours.
  • The Sony VPL-VW675ES has support for HDCP 2.2 standards, which is a must required to display any 4K content. Moreover, this projector can project any content up to 60 FPS in 4K. So, that’s good news for gamers here.
  • Using an integrated 5V/1.5A USB power output, HDMI wireless dongles such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc. can be powered, removing the need for separate power adapters.
  • This projector is using advanced SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panels. These panels have an ultra-fast response rate of 2.5 ms. This minimizes the space in-between the pixels to get a more detailed and accurate image.
  • This projector makes it very easy to calibrate the display, according to the purpose you are using it. It has nine(9) different modes of calibration, and game mode is perfect for gaming among them.


2. Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-HW45ES




Powerful yet silent is how we can describe this projector. A beast with Advance SXRD technology and a front-facing fan to minimize the fan sound, signing in at ultra HD display. Well, you thought this is enough? But there is more, and it is also 3D compatible.


  • This projector is using a combination of Advance SXRD panel with advanced reality creation. Sony’s advanced resolution processing is doing its job to produce crisp details, colors, and textures that put more sugar in it. It will take you closer than ever to the original 1080p source.
  • Sony hasn’t revealed the contrast ratio for this projector in value, but instead, they used the term “high contrast ratio.” We’ve made it sure that we can trust Sony on this one. We are proposing this after reading hundreds of user reviews, and they all are more than happy with this projector.
  • This projector is the best option for those gamers who are very serious about the refresh rate. This projector is offering a very fast response rate. After going through user reviews, we conclude that it has above 60 Frames per second, and when using 3D, they approach to 144Hz. This projector has minimized the motion blur to almost none, no matter how fast the action is.
  • The projector is using a 280W bulb, which produces 1800 lumens for high brightness. On Eco-mode, this bulb lasts for 6000 hours, and it’s easy to exchange the bulb after that to minimize the cost.
  • This projector comes with a built-in RF transmitter. This transmitter synchronizes with Sony as well as 3rd party RF 3D glasses for broad coverage and performance.
  • This projector is using a duel effort to provide cinema-like 3D brightness. It is using Dynamic Lamp Control technology and rechargeable 3D glasses to put a combined effort in producing cinema-quality brightness levels.
  • Sony is calling its projector fan a “whisper-quiet fan,” which is a bold title to give. This is the most impressive feature. We know how gamers prefer a silent PC with as little as possible fan sound. This projector is using an advanced air discharge system, and the fan emits only 22db during a show.
  • This projector comes up with the easiest picture calibration options. It has nine(9) different modes for calibrations, and among them, game mode lies to calibrate according to gaming.


3. BenQ TH671ST




This is the best projector for gaming on paper right now. It comes with all the specifications we think that are important for a gaming projector. Its brightness is so high that it doesn’t require a dark room.


  • This projector is built explicitly for gaming. The input lag on this thing is so low that this single factor makes it the best for a gaming projector. Input lag on this projector is 16.67ms, and that is crazy for any type of gaming no matter which kind of game you are playing. Whether it is action or racing, this thing will never let you down. This projector is using millions of small moving mirrors to create an image, also known as Digital Micro-Mirror Device (DMD), and the DMD response time for this projector is in micro-seconds. It provides smooth gaming without any kind of blur or image lag.
  • This projector is best for small rooms. You can get a screen size of 100 inches from just 5 feet away. The maximum screen size from this projector is 300 inches. The lens on the projector is at 1.2x zoom, and this is what helps you to install it in small spaces without any hassle.
  • This projector also solves another problem for you, the stereo speakers. We know that stereo speakers are a must for gaming, and big speakers for a room are costly. This projector has built-in 5W stereo speakers and a game mode as well to provide you the ultimate mesmerizing AV experience.
  • For projectors, there are many other things required like shades, screens, covers, etc. to enhance their viewing capability, but this projector requires no extra parts to show you its power. Its brightness is so high that it can work fine in any ambient light. Moreover, BenQ has a built-in light sensor that they are calling LumiExpert; it can detect any ambient light conditions in your environment and automatically adjust and enhance the brightness for maximum comfort.
  • This projector is using a powerful bulb that produces 3000 lumens of brightness. This factor makes it the best option to set this up anywhere, no matter it’s a bright room or a dark room. Brightness can be manually controlled or automatically controlled by the built-in light sensor.
  • With a screen size of 100 inches and a powerful 3000 lumens bulb, the BenQ TH671ST has a full HD 1080p display, which can astonish you with the finest details and clarity in each visual.


4. Optoma UHD60




This projector offers 3,000 lumens of brightness, 1.07 billion displayable colors, and a 15% vertical lens shift. Two things you should know if you want to fully access this projector’s features while gaming. You need an HDMI 2.0 cable for full 60Hz and a 4K graphics card for the 8.2 megapixels.


  • Optoma UHD60 isn’t a short-throw projector (it requires a projection distance of 4.2’ – 30.5’). Although the projection distance is longer than most projectors, it displays an incredibly vibrant image in bright as well as dark rooms. So, even if the sun comes up or someone turns the lights on, you have nothing to worry about since your vision of the game will not be affected.
  • It can display a screen projection of 26.45’ – 302.2’, which is way better than your typical PC display.
  • Whenever the display seems over-saturated, you can fix it by changing the Brilliant Color setting to 1.
  • The UHD60 costs 1,999 dollars, which is quite cheap as compared to many gaming projectors with comparable characteristics. Since it costs lesser, it provides you the window to purchase accessories to enhance your gaming experience.So, in short, this is the only project that you can get without going bankrupt.
  • It does not offer input lag reduction for gamers, but its shortcomings can be overlooked in light of its many promising features.When you’re done setting everything up, you’ll find out that gaming is absolutely perfect on this projector. It provides a highly accurate and captivating projection.


5. ViewSonic (PX747-4K)




With UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution and 3,500 ANSI lumens brightness, ViewSonic PX747-4K offers interactive gaming in bright as well as dark rooms.


  • This feature is available for 4K gaming and makes the unrealistic parts of the game come back to life. This also makes the colors and contrast appear more amazing than before for gamers.
  • This feature makes the projector easier to install as compared to 1.2x optical zoom. So you can quickly set it up and start playing.
  • With a throw ratio of 1.47 – 1.76 and throw distance of 1.0 – 11.7m, it will provide you with a large, perfect view for gaming.
  • The dual HDMI ports allow you to interact with several HD devices, including gaming consoles, laptop PCs, and many others. This way, you get a real high-definition experience.
  • This projector’s cost starts at 824.99 dollars, which is nothing as compared to other gaming projectors.
  • It also provides 3-year parts and labor warranty with one(1) year on the lamp, and 1st-year-free express exchange service.
  • This makes you see the buttons even in dark environments, making it easy for you to play at night.
  • This projector offers an energy-saving SuperEco feature, which reduces power consumption and extends the lamp life by up to 15,000 hours. You can play your favorite games for longer periods.
  • Its major drawback is that it does not offer input lag reduction. You will only experience a 47.1ms lag in shooter type games. For casual gaming, it is nearly perfect in all aspects.
  • Its powerful 10W speaker and bright visuals combine to fill the room and make you feel like you’re part of the game.


6. BenQ TK800M




With 8.3M pixels and 3,000 lumens brightness, this projector reduces pixel blur and will provide you with immersive gaming experience.


  • This feature offers higher brightness, contrast range, and image optimization, bringing out every detail in 4K gaming.
  • This projector’s color expertise ideally combines high visual clarity and bold colors for bright rooms. So you can play games with your family while keeping the lights on to see the happiness on their faces.
  • BenQ TK800M offers football, sport, bright, vivid TV, and cinema mode. You can choose the one that best fits your environment for a truly interactive gaming experience.
  • The projector has an extendable foot at the bottom, which can be used to adjust the height of the image. You can set it to whatever is convenient for you for smooth gaming.
  • This function automatically adjusts the image for a professionally squared image when needed. This will provide you with an aligned display while gaming, making it easier for you to view.
  • This projector offers 1.1x zoom and makes the best use of available space, quickly turning any space into a gaming zone.
  • Its lamp life ranges from 4,000 (Normal mode) – 15,000 hours (Eco mode).
  • BenQ TK00M offers 40+ms input lag, which is fast enough for most gamers but is not ideal (20ms). Still, it is convenient for you if you are not interested in games that require lower pings.
  • BenQ CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 audio-enhancing technology utilizes aluminum driver in the resonant chamber for better sound while custom-tuned sound modes and exclusive EQ algorithms further enhance the sound quality. Such fantastic sound quality will further increase your concentration in the game.


7. VAVA UHD Laser TV




This projector uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to provide you with 4K UHD resolution. With a brilliant 6000 lumen light source, it gives 2500 ANSI lumen image brightness. With this, you no longer need a bright room to get a fantastic display for gaming.


  • This projector has a throw rate of 0.233:1 and requires a distance of 7.2” to provide you with an optimum, larger, 80” – 150” projection. So you can enjoy your game in close proximity, with a big screen.
  • This projector’s HDR10 feature provides excellent visuals with a wider range of colors, higher contrast, better brightness, and clearer images. You get to experience every little detail of the game.
  • This projector makes use of ALPD 3.0 Laser Light Source technology, which provides astonishing depth and sense of reality. It makes you feel like you’re playing the game in a cinema.
  • VAVA UHD Laser TV’s 1,500,000:1 contrast recovers even those details that are lost in the theater’s 1,000,000:1 contrast. It will provide you with such an interactive view that you will feel as if you’re playing the game in real life.
  • With a three-segment color wheel, NTSC range of 85%+, and a red light projection rate, this projector offers optimum brightness and pure colors. Your game will appear lively than ever before.
  • Your gaming experience will always be incomplete without premium, cinematic sound. This projector solves this problem of yours by offering a powerful Harman Kardon speaker, 60W power, DLB, and DTS decoder as well as vocal enhancing tech.
  • It has nine(9) ports so you can easily connect your gaming console to it and enjoy it.
  • This projector contains IR sensors that immediately lower the lasers upon contact with the iris. So you can play for longer periods without worrying about affecting your eyesight.
  • It can last up to 25,000 hours so you can play as many games as you want without worrying about changing your bulbs anytime soon.
  • Unlike typical laser projectors, this projector won’t ever give in to overheating. It is integrated with three(3) fans that have a high cooling capacity and don’t produce much noise. You can play to your heart’s content as there would be no need for you to give the projector a rest.



The main competition is between BenQ TH671ST and VAVA UHD Laser TV. Although BenQ offers all the prominent features required for gaming, it does miss some reliable features offered in VAVA.

VAVA offers eye protection as well as the temperature control feature, which is very reliable for gamers. But there is always one best choice for everything, and for gaming projectors, it is BenQ TH671ST. Why? The main reason is that it offers a very low input lag. The most important feature for gamers nowadays is absolutely perfect smoothness while gaming. But we should not forget that BenQ provides high brightness, high contrast ratio, big screen, short throw, and long-lasting bulb. All of this is offered at a reasonable price. So we have a winner.

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