Gaming is a passion for the young generation. Some guys even pursue a career in gaming. I used to play a lot of games on my PlayStation. Trust me guys, without fast speed and high-quality graphics, there is no joy in gaming, so I’m here to talk about some astonishing best 4k monitors for your console gaming. But, before that, you need to know about the difference between 4k TVs and 4k monitors because some of you maybe are using Tv for games, so keep reading.



Let’s be honest 4k gaming is an expensive proposition. It will cast a lot of money. These fancy things are design specifically to make your world a gaming world. But some guys use the tv for gaming. Not all the displays are made equal, but in the world of gaming, your choices are not limited to just different types of TVs. You can use a projector if you’d like.

But the question here is which one is better?

This is not an easy question to answer, so that I will be discussing both pros and cons.



Screen size

One of the most obvious differences between tv and monitor is the size.

A monitor usually comes in the range of 19 inches to 32inches, while modern LED TVs start from 32inches and goes over 100 inches.

The big size of the TV screen makes gaming easy from your couch, and you can enjoy split-screen multiplayer gaming at another level.


As you most likely already know that display resolution ties directly to the screen size. Resolution determines how many pixels are there on the screen. More pixels are their clearer the image will be. 

Today’s monitors come with the following resolutions.

  • 1080p or full HD
  • 1440p or QHD, technically wrong but also referred to like 2k.
  • 2160p or UHD, most known as 4k.

If you stick to the size mentioned above, then 27inches screen is pretty much the biggest monitor, which can be without becoming too large for viewing up close.

The situation with TVs is different. They come in 720p (HD), 1080p (Full HD) and 2160p (4K) variants. Full HD TVs start at 32 inches, and any smaller TV will almost definitely be 720p, a resolution that is outdated for gaming standards. Therefore TVs are meant to be viewed from a distance not close as monitors are, so using a TV instead of the monitor is a NO-GO. Plus, a bigger screen also means lower pixel density, which is not suitable for gaming standards.

Response time

Response time or pixel response time determines how quickly a pixel change color from black to white or from one shade to another shade.

That’s what makes it important for gaming that allows smooth camera movement, whereas high response time leads to extensive motion blur and ghosting. 


And finally, we have connectors, which are perhaps where most differences between monitors and TVs lie. Monitors have both DisplayPort and HDMI connectors for videos. Some models have DVI and have audio inputs and outputs in 3.5mm jacks, and some models have USB ports.

TVs do not support DisplayPort but use HDMI for video transfer, usually at least 2. They have one USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack mostly uses for the audio port for Hi-Fi speakers or home cinema setups. And ultimately an ethernet port to support the internet for smart TVs.


Here are some awesome 4k monitors for console gaming






The ACER PREDATOR XB273K is a good monitor with decent picture quality that has high gaming performance. This model has an excellent 4k resolution screen that displays every little detail there is on the screen, has a very fast response time with the refresh rate of 120Hz. Due to SDR, it is good for fairly bright room HDR brightness to make its display decent for gaming but not so good for watching HDR movies. The IPS panel is kind of hurt dark room performances, black looks like grey in a dark room but still better than other VA panel monitors.

  • Very low input lag, great for gaming
  • Excellent 4k resolution
  • Low contrast ratio and bad black uniformity





ASUS-ROG SWIFT PG348Q is a good monitor with some excellent gaming features. Gamers will love the low input lag and fast response time with NVIDIA G-Sync support. The widescreen format and high resolution are great for gaming. You can place two full-sized windows side by side for multitasking. But unfortunately, its performance is not that good in a dark room. The accuracy of colors in a dark room is disappointing out of the box. 

  • The image remains accurate when viewed from an angle
  • Good gaming features like G-Sync
  • Excellent battery life
  • Large, high resolution
  • Bad black uniformity
  • Disappointing accuracy out of the box

Expand your gaming horizons through Asus-rog

The new flagship of the ROG monitor fleet, the Swift PG348Q, expands your scope, allowing faster target acquisition while increasing immersive visuals with ultra-wide 4K display. IPS panel with advanced feature of NVIDIA® G-Sync™ tech for smooth and seamless gameplay. Add some armored design, and you’re looking at a unique ASUS monitor that is truly unrivaled.

This model has already received winning CES-Innovation Award.

With the revolutionary design based on Titanium and Plasma-Copper, the color scheme of monitor is the astonishment and an ideal thing for gaming.


3. BENQ EL2870U



The BENQ-EL2870U is an astonishing 4k monitor with great gaming features with FreeSync™ support, fast response time, and excellent low input lag. It also has great accuracy out of the box. But unfortunately, it has bad dark room performance due to sub-par native contrast ratio and disappointing black uniformity. It supports HDR, but there is a fair benefit to this model. 

  • Great accuracy out of the box
  • Great gaming features with fast input lag and FreeSync™ support
  • HDR doesn’t add much
  • Disappointing dark room performance

B.I.+ Sensor is the perfect partner for HDR gaming

EL2870U 4K HDR Gaming Monitor ensures the delivery of incredibly detailed and sharp images. BenQ’s exclusive B.I.+ Sensor (Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology) also offers a comfortable viewing experience with adjustable brightness and color temperature to make your HDR gaming better.

Hyper-realistic video quality with hdr

Featuring the leading HDR tech in a video enjoyment monitor EL2870U offers enhanced brightness and contrast and adds incredible details to HDR video contents. But to do that, make sure your premium quality HDMI cable is connected with your device.

Opt-clarity ultra-fine details

EL2870U’s simple hotkey switches between B.I.+ modes and four levels of HDR, which make BenQ’s exclusive. Opt-Clarity tech allows users to select the most suitable display for their environment, ensuring that users can enjoy the exclusively splendid image performance of HDR in their gaming.

Magnificence 4k UHD image

Enjoy an extremely vibrant, accurate and realistic image as well as a much higher frame rate with 4K image resolution. This splendid tech will make gaming more amusing with a crystal clear display of 4k image resolution. Don’t forget to take advantage of the most optimal viewing experience.

Integrated speakers with universal multi-device connectivity

Enjoy the extremely vibrant flexibility and also superb HDR video quality from any source with dual HDMI 2.0 ports and one DP1.4 while being immersed in the powerful audio from the integrated speakers.

Specialized modes for ultimate video entertainment

Smart focus highlights help users to concentrate on the main viewing content by reducing distractions in the background.


4. LG-27UK650-W




The LG 27UK650-W is considered one of the best 4k monitors for gaming we’ve tested so far. It can handle gaming very well, although it doesn’t have the fastest refresh rate, but it has an outstanding response time. This monitor is great for gaming. It has FreeSync™ support, which is great for the gaming experience. Nvidia 10 or 20 can also take advantage of this technology with a simple drive update 

  • Best 4k resolution with FreeSync™ support
  • Outstanding response time with fast input lag
  • Doesn’t have the fastest refresh rate
  • Bad dark room performance

Hdr effect for exclusive image resolution

The HDR effect helps transform non-HDR content into a high-quality video that looks like HDR through its picture quality algorithm.

IPS with sRGB 99% (Typ.)

This monitor with 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum is great for gaming resolution. You can enjoy an extremely vibrant resolution with a very low input lag. It provides the user with the ultimate experience of 4k resolution as well as a higher frame rate of a realistic image.

HDCP 2.2 compatible

Connect with confidence. This model is compatible with the latest HDCP 2.2 copy protection. That’s why it will display video from 4k streaming services, game consoles, and ultra HD image resolutions.

AMD freesync™

With FreeSync™, users can experience seamless fluid movement throughout high response time with fast-paced games. FreeSync™ virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering.

Advanced gaming-features

Serious gaming features for serious gamers. It can quickly optimize monitor settings to activate Black Stabilizer to reveal superior detail in a dark scene while Dynamic Action Sync feature assures smooth, responsive, and fluid gaming actions.

On-screen control

On-Screen control puts monitor settings into a handy window for quick, easy access to brightness, volume, and picture modes. Screen-split and dual controllers can be added with a simple mouse click.






The ACER PREDATOR X27 is the best 4k gaming monitor we’ve tested so far. This monitor is pricey but the best choice for anyone who wants a high refresh rate and G-Sync support without compromising on resolution. It has a unique design with a fast response time and low input lag. This model uses an IPS panel that provides good viewing angles even if you are not sitting directly in front of the screen. But unfortunately, its contrast ratio is sub-par, and the black uniformity is poor, making it less ideal for dark rooms. Still, it does have an excellent peak brightness to provide great HDR experience. All in all, if you are looking for a 4k G-Sync monitor, get this one.

  • Best 4k resolution with fastest response time
  • G-Sync support without compromising resolution
  • Excellent peak brightness to provide great HDR experience
  • Bad dark room performance due to the IPS panel.


The diamond-cut geometrically-inspired arms extend outward, accenting the chiseled all-metal stand that is so beautiful and extremely vibrant for gaming


The good form and better functions Ergonomically designed for tilt swivel and height adjustment for user’s ease in viewing at different angles.

4k-max resolution

Unrelenting perfection lives within every 4k screen eager to push image quality and resolution beyond what’s expected by gamers. Its extremely vibrant image resolution, as well as a high frame rate of 4k image, create an exclusive environment for gaming.

Know no-limits

Demolish the possibility of blur and reach the peak of your 4k gaming potential with a refresh rate of 144Hz. This model has a response rate of 4ms that means motion blur and visual artifacts are nonexistent, its perfect. With NVIDIA® G-Sync® HDR, you’re a part of a pack, enjoy seamless and tear-free gaming. Quantum nanosized dots that emit a specific color based on their size infuse your game with a life-like realism that only Predator X27 can create






The PHILIP MOMENTUM 436M6VBPAB is a great 4k monitor with the astonishing size of 43inches. It has outstanding peak brightness, deep black, and one of the widest color gamut we’ve ever measured.

It has low input lag with extremely fast response time and FreeSync™ support that makes it a great monitor. But unfortunately, image degrades when viewed at an angle like most VA monitors.

  • Deep, uniform blacks
  • Outstanding peak brightness
  • Great wide color gamut
  • Bad local dimming
  • Noticeable hatching that can be distracting for desktop use


Sitting somewhere between a monitor and a Tv, the 436MVBPAB plays it pretty safe in the design stakes. At 43″ wide, it comes out of the box attached to a stand that places feet at either end of the display. Its big size and ultra-wide 4k resolutions make it astonishing for gaming. This model is specifically designed and eager to push the image quality beyond expectations. Extremely vibrant 4k resolution create another level of 4k gaming experience for serious gamers.

Performance & features

A quick rundown of some core specs before we examine them in detail is written above with the image of the screen. With this model, users are getting a Quantum Dot panel that maxes out at a 3840×2160 pixel that is also known as 4K. The aspect ratio is 16:9 with solid viewing angles of 178-degrees.

The Quantum panel makes HDR mode more vibrant than any other model. In HDR mode, you’re exactly looking at 400 nits brightness for SDR content maxing out at 1000nits with HDR content. This screen supports the Adaptive-Sync® inputs, which let the panel’s refresh rate match that of the video source. With the before mentioned refresh rate issues notwithstanding, this model shorts 11.2 ms input lag impresses the gamers. If you’re looking for a life-like gaming experience, I’d say go for it.

7. BENQ EW3270U




BENQ EW3270U is a 32″ 4k LED monitor with great picture quality. It is more suitable for the darkroom as it can’t get very bright in a brighter room. It has great grey uniformity and a wide color gamut, but image deteriorates when viewed from the side. It supports HDR but not that good because of limited brightness, although it has low input lag with FreeSync™ support to keep most gamers happy. 

  • Good dark scene performance
  • Very good grey uniformity
  • 4k resolution is great for multiple windows
  • Can’t get bright enough for HDR
  • Image degrades at an angle

More flexible than TVs

This model is much more responsive and suitable for those who have limited space. It has a higher pixel density along with BenQ’s industry-leading eye-care technologies that reduce eye fatigue while ensuring the best user comfort after a long period of use.

HDR content

The strength of the combination of HDR and Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+), also known as screen auto-adjustment, shows you image resolution that is far truer to life. BenQ’s four levels of HDR and B.I.+ modes allow gamers to have the most suitable clarity for the displayed content. With the leading features of BenQ’s tech, this model offers enhanced brightness and contrast and brings vividness to video content.

Amd® Freesync™

AMD® FreeSync™ tech eliminates image tearing broken for the incredibly fluid gaming experience. With an exclusive refresh rate, this model brings out an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Brightness intelligence plus

The ambient light sensors detect ambient light levels and the color temperature in the viewing environment, thus automatically adjusting on-screen brightness and color temperature to fit your environment.





The ACER-Z35P is a good ultrawide VA monitor with great gaming features, include a low input lag with a fast refresh rate, and extensively supports NVIDIA G-Sync. Response time is great for gaming, and the large high-resolution screen is great for multitasking. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have the wide viewing angles that are on IPS monitors, so it doesn’t look great in dark rooms. 

  • Low input lag
  • Great gaming features including NVIDIA G-Sync support
  • Great screen, perfect for multitasking
  • Disappointing viewing angles
  • Poor black uniformity


9. LG-27UD68




The LG-27UD68 is a good 4k IPS monitor with a fine resolution and wide viewing angle. It has a decent picture quality, and its features are good for multitasking. It gets sufficiently bright, so its performance in darker rooms are greatly suffers 

  • Great 4k resolution
  • Display quality isn’t reduced from the minor position change
  • Poor performance in darkroom
  • high input lag

4k UHD gaming

Game-on! Thanks to 8.3 Million pixels on the screen resolution of 3840×2160 that makes gaming clearer and more extreme vibrant with the fine details of 4K UHD. In final, it is four times the resolution of Full HD so that gamers can feel a more life-like experience.


With FreeSync™, gamers can experience unified fluid movement throughout high response time with fast-paced games. This feature eliminates tearing and stuttering that can occur because of differences between the graphic card’s frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate.






This model PG279Q is great for gaming with a 1440p IPS panel. Picture quality is decent with great brightness, but the monitor has a low native contrast ratio, so black appears grey in the dark rooms. But good viewing angles so the image remains intact when viewing from up-close 

  • Excellent motion handling
  • Old micro USB port
  • Remains intact when viewing from up-close
  • Black appears grey in a dark room


Usually, Monitors are better for competitive gaming than TVs, since they are much more responsive. However, for those gamers who don’t mind the higher response times and low input lag, especially for those who want bigger screen TVs are as viable as monitors are. Not all displays are made equal, and you’d put a projector if you like. But Monitors seem to be the better choice for pure gaming performance, for they have designed specifically to adjust there brightness and contrast as per gaming surroundings. Yes, but there are still going to be scenarios for some of you guys where you might want to use a TV instead.

Above-mentioned are some astonishing monitors that are extremely vibrant for high-resolution gaming. But its always a difficult choice for anyone to pick something when there is a lot of options. So I suggest you to go for ASUS-ROG SWIFT PG348Q. All the mentioned monitors are perfect but ASUS-ROG has the screen of 35″ inches with good gaming features. Its G-Sync connectivity with NVIDIA is pretty good with the revolutionary design based on Titanium and Plasma-Copper, the color scheme of monitor is the astonishment and an ideal thing for gaming. This monitor has already received winning CES-Innovation Award.

So, I have listed the best 4k monitors for console gaming, and depending on your budget with the specification, you can choose what you want.

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